" Trois Machines Oscillantes "
@ ATONAL Berlin

A specially commisionned installation for Atonal BerlinSpecially created for the Kraftwerk, " Trois Machines Oscillantes " is a kinetic sound installation which uses the unpredictable oscillations or 3 pendulums to produce a random composition of impacts and noises, using the natural reverberation of the space as acoustic chamber.

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Versus . 2011
Kinetic sound installation

Versus has received an Honorary Mention at the Prix Ars Electronica 2012

exhibitions :

17.09.2013 > 22.09.2013 :
Le Lieu Unique . Nantes (FR)

06.08.2013 > 22.08.2013 :
Hybrid Art Moscow
Grand Manege . Moscow (RU)

24.04.2013 > 26.05.2013 :
European Media Art Festival
Kunsthalle . Osnabrueck (DE)

29.03.2013 > 10.04.2013 :
Halle Grenette . Bourgoin Jallieu (FR)

02.11.2012 > 04.11.2012 :
A matter of time @ rewire
Het Magazijn . Esperantoplein . Den Haag (NL)

17.10.2012 > 21.10.2012 :
Show off Lab'. Foire d'art contemporain
Galerie Vanessa Quang . Paris (FR)

06.09.2012 > 09.09.2012 :
Enschede (NL)

30.03.2012 > 25.06.2012 :
Visualizar el Sonido @ Laboral
Centro de Arte . Gijon (SP)

Versus is a sound installation consisting of two kinetic sculptures placed face to face.

Each sculpture is made out of 12 triangular panels, hinged and powered by six linear actuators, controlled by a specific program. At the center of each corolla, a loudspeaker and a microphone allow to play and record sounds.

At regular intervals, each sculpture produces a sound, simultaneously recorded and analyzed by the opposite sculpture, which then moves according to the frequencies of this sound.
Like a feedback loop, it then plays back the recorded sound, with the errors and disturbances caused by the reverberating space and the visitors.

By intervening in this conversation, the viewer becomes an actor, as he degrades the communication by his presence and the noises he produces. As the panels move back and forth at a pace determined by the environmental sound, they create a non-immediate interaction, where the imperfections of reproduction are becoming creative elements.

The original sound is continuously transformed, and becomes something entirely new and unpredictable. The memory of past events is hold for a moment, until it is reproduced, degraded, and then forgotten, replaced by the present.


Versus was produced with the support of the INSA foundation, Lyon.